School Facilities

Our pattern, curriculum, learning initiatives are creating educational and training content of global reference and setting up requisite infrastructure, has been growing leaps and bounds, which speaks volumes! SXPS provides expert comprehensive guidance to the hopeful engineers, doctors, scientists and finance professionals of the future and successfully helping them to enter and excel in their chosen vocation. The integrated curriculum breaks all the barriers of different disciplines of studies into one dynamic world of knowledge.

SXPS provides state-of-the-art facilities to provide its students with every opportunity through which they are able to cultivate and nature their talents. The facilities existing can be broadly categorized as:-


The school is located centrally with fully equipped audio-video and computer system, act as powerful learning aid. Additionally, it also helps sharpen their analytical skill and empowers parallel thinking process with comprehensive and systematic approach of learning and questioning mind without being harsh on them in their formative years.

Though we have

  • Big neat classrooms
  • Provision of smart education
  • Library
  • Computer laboratory
  • Reception
  • CCTV surveillance
  • Audio-Visual Room
  • Indoor games room
  • Playground
  • Field for outdoor sports
  • Athletic race track
  • Dance room
  • Music room
  • Medical room
  • Yoga park
  • Activity hall

School Facilities