Admission Open (2023-24)

DISCOVER St. Xavier's Public School, Kalanwali

ST. Xavier's Public School is a registered member of "XAVIER'S COUNCIL OF INDIA", CBSE Pattern, New Delhi Group, guided by an pro-nation organization named "FACE OF THE NATION". School provides superior education opportunities to children of diverse background and abilities. Within a caring and supportive environment, the school educates the child through academics, fine arts, moral values and physical development. Each child is recognized as a unique student. All the students are challenged to fulfill their individual potential. All children are encouraged to pursue excellence in their lives and to play positive roles in their families and communities. ST. Xavier's Public School's program has been founded on a development approach. A development program recognizes that readiness for any given task is based on child's biological maturation rather than chronological age. Curriculum concepts are introduced through a "hands on approach " which allows the child to touch, taste, feel and experience the world around him.

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Principal Message

It gives me an immense pleasure to welcome you to the website of St. Xavier's Public School, Kalanwali, established in 2019 in CBSE pattern. Our school offers opportunities to all the students to achieve excellence in academical, cultural, sports and community service endeavours with in inclusive environment conductive for leaning and teaching. Our dedicated educators work together to support and challenge all students to perform their best. As an overview St. Xavier's Public School is consistently focused on its mission of students learning through a rigorous programme to make the students civilized citizens of the country in their forthcoming stage. It is expected that parents will be involved in support of their child's learning and will monitor their child's progress to ensure that they are completing the assignments and learning the materials collared. Following school rules and presenting the virtues of respect, honour and discipline is important for all of us for maintaining a safe and positive environment for maximum learning to achieve the highest potential among the students. Sudhabani Chaudhary Principal

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Chairman Message

Dear Parents, We are delighted that you have considered St. Xavier's Public School for your child's future. An investment made in St. Xavier's Public School's education pays many dividends throughout life. Research shows that half of a child's adult intelligence is formed during the first five years of his life. Thus, the environment during this is most formative and impressionable period that must provide the experience for physical, intellectual, emotional, spiritual and social development of the child. The education system must cope with the ever-growing challenges of life. SXPS aims to providing these experiences through creative and modern education in an attractive, interactive and caring environment. In the next five years, the focus will be at academic excellence. This will help students to get into finest higher education institutions in this area. Adv. Salinder Singh Chairman

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