Guideline for Parents

Keep your child Home if:

  • Child has a fever
  • Child has a beginning of cough or cold
  • Child has a heavy nasal discharge
  • Child is fatigued due to illness
  • Child is cranky or fussy


Please call the office by 8.00 am if your child is not going to attend school, in case of emergency, followed by leave application.

  • child has symptoms of possible communicable disease

Health & Safety:
Nutrition : Please pack your child healthy and nutritious Lunchbox. The suggested food items are sandwiches, fruit, vegetables, juice, biscuits, cakes and other hygienic dry foods. Don't send spicy or gravy food that need heating. Insulated Thermos works well for keeping foods hot.

Child release policy:
If parent designates another individual to pick up child in an emergency situation, they MUST inform office of the designated individual and give description. All such individuals MUST present valid identification. Child WILL NOT be released unless proper notification and identification is displayed to office personnel. This is for your child's safety.

Medications will not be administered to children. If your child is taking medication, parents may come and administer medications during school hours. The only exception will be for children requiring occasional use of asthma inhalers, Please notify office if your child will need an inhaler kept at school. Parent must sign proper release papers.

Label all clothing and other permitted items with child's first and last name.

We strongly recommend children bring the diary regularly to school, Label child's name on front. Diary is used to store daily work and important notices. CHECK DIARY DAILY!

Parent's Co-operations:
• Parents are requested to go through all the rules of the School carefully and abide by the rules strictly.
• Parents and guardians are requested not to meet teachers during school hours.
• Parents are expected to cooperate in the work of the school by enforcing regularity and discipline by taking a general interest in their children's progress.
• Complaint, if any, may be addressed to the Principal directly.
• Shoes must be polished every day and the uniform should be neat and clean.
• Pupil may granted leave of absence for genuine reasons only, if the application is addressed to the Principal and signed by parent/ guardian.

Disciplinary Action:
• Warning
• Fine

• Suspension
• Issue of Compulsory TC

Please call the office by 8.00 am if your child is not going to attend school, in case of emergency, followed by leave application.

Families that choose to take vacation or personnel time off from the "regular" program are required to pay their monthly fee, with leave application showing sufficient reason, to save their space in the classroom.